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My Group Benefits/My Manulife Vitality 

If your group insurance is through your employer, find your sign-in page below. Go to your Group Benefits account to check your coverage(s), and/or submit a health, dental, life or disability claim.

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My Group Retirement
or VIP Room

If your group retirement plan is through your employer,  Access your Group Retirement or VIP Room account to check your balances and/or make changes to your RRSP, RPP, DPSP, EPSP, NOREG or TFSA plans.

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Insurance: For health and dental plan holders

Go to your Manulife CoverMe® (including Flexcare® and FollowMe®) SecureServe® sign-in page. It's the same for your alumni, professional or retail  group (i.e., Costco, CAA), to submit a health/dental claim, or to review your coverage.

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